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i hate waking up late bc i feel like i wasted part of the day

ARTIST: Isaac Schankler
ALBUM: Analogue: A Hate Story OST
TRACK: Hyun-ae (Cheer)

Tags: oh damn..
[[Ms Elen! With your Warlord-y blessing, I would like to host Gensou Cell's first melee duel invitational next week. Winners score plat, and maybe potatoes. Or something. What say ye?]]

Too lazy to organize it and the precious metal isn’t coming out of my wallet. You can do it, but you’re kind of on your own there.


Beating the hell out of the AI in RD with argenteusweir

Pages and paaages of Kongou’s kills.

Ran, because you said you were into that kind of thing (I'm so boring at this).

You and everybody else this side of reality, apparently. You can sign over that way, I think.

… the moment at which I see reblogs of posts I didn’t actually tell the thing to reblog.